List of Dewey Decimal classes

Diese Kategorienliste ist auf dem System nach Dewey Decimal System aufgebaut. Somit ist es möglich, zusätzliche Kategorien sehr einfach ein zu binden.

000 Information and General Works
100 Philosophy and Psychology
Poka Leanui at Waianae

200 Religion

Pat at Hilo’s Lyman Missionary House and Museum
300 Social Sciences

383 Post Kommunikation

400 Language
500 Science
600 Technology
700 Arts and Recreation
740 Graphic Arts
Estria at Kamuki High Schoo’s Mele Murals
782 Vocal Music
John Cruz & Hawai’ian Island Style Music

John Cruz at Lahaina’s Canoe Hale
Samati Smooth at Kailua Kona

791 Public Performance
Joy Kalea   „Milestone 5.0 at Ali’i Drive“
Joy at Kailua Kona
792 Stage Presentations
Milton at Kaneohe
800 Literature
813 American Fiction in English
Jen Angeli at Bishop Museum
899 Literatures of non-Austronesian languages of Oceania, of Austronesian languages, of miscellaneous languages
Leialoha Perkins at Makaha
900 History and Geography
904 Collected Accounts of Events
Leon Siu at Iolani Palace
920 Biography, Genealogy, Insignia
Routh at Pupukea home
973 United States
Umi (Big 5) at Kamehameha Schools
978 Western U.S.
Williamson (legal findings) with Routh
996 Polynesia and other Pacific Ocean islands


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