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„Tales of Hawaii“                   

From the middle of the blue Pacific Ocean, there sits extraordinary eight main islands of the Hawai’ian archipelago. On these islands, the volcanoes continue to bubble from their innermost hearts over vast tracts of land out into the ocean. No other part of the world than here, can one experience eleven climate zones from a total of 13 zones. This archipelago is more than special.

What is significant is that the Hawai’ian islands have undergone a condensed, extreme, historical change in about 150 years, while elsewhere in the world, changes developed slowly over 1,000 years.

This and other circumstances shaped the Hawai’ian population with their characteristic friendliness and their ALOHA spirit. The Hawai’ians have a lot to tell about themselves and their culture. Let us take a listen.

Road to Hana – Maui © Gérard Koch