About me

Big Island – ©Gérard Koch

During the so-called „African Year“, I was born between green hills, rivers, cherry and apple tree landscapes in the canton of Basel Land, Switzerland.

My youth has been shaped by adventures in cultural and historical places, which are very common. Through these ancient ruins and the river around the location I was born, my imagination and curiosity grew from nature, distance, old stories, foreign cultures, seafaring and explorers. Even before my school days, I was interested in different peoples in foreign countries like the Mayas, Incas, indigenous people of North America and Polynesia. My nursery was filled with travel and history books, travel documents, newspaper reports, and some old maps. My teacher gave me a thick atlas for my degree, which served as a reading book for me.

At an early age, I left my parents‘ house without any language skills and traveled abroad. The first several travels were by train through Europe, then across Canada on the Greyhound, then with a camper through Australia and New Zealand. Hardly back from the southern hemisphere, I continued with several traverses of North America. Everywhere… these beautiful places I got to know locals quickly, and I still maintain  contact today.

In the meantime, I have developed from being a young student to a radio and television technician with an apprenticeship that lead me to become a high-end broadcaster and industry expert.

After a long break, the day came again, as I was able to pack my suitcase for travels. This time, I fulfilled my long-awaited dream as well as desire and finally flew to my childhood dream destination in the South Seas to the Hawai’ian Islands. On this spectacular dream trip through the Hawai’ian Islands, I met my hawai’ian-at-heart wife. Through her, I not only got to know the islands, I also met many lovely locals who took me in as their own son.

Talking to my wife and my new Hawai’ian friends has increased my interest in Hawai’ian history and culture. The Hawai’ian Islands have an impressive history, also a forgotten and hidden story which I would like to bring back with this project.