Ke Aupuni Update

2018 Progress in Foreign Affairs
Keeping in touch and updated on activities regarding the restoration of Ke Aupuni o Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono.
Leon Siu – Hawaiian National
Hauoli Makahiki Hou!
Some Highlights of a Significant Year of Progress for the Hawaiian Kingdom
The International Scene
The job of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, is to develop friendly relations with other countries; to inform the international community about the situation in the Hawaiian Islands; to seek support for our cause and find ways that we can help others. We have been doing this for nearly 20 years, concentrating the last 12 years on building a consistent presence at the UN.
This past year, we visited the UN in Geneva four times to represent the interests of the Hawaiian Kingdom. While there, we participated in more than a dozen panels (Dr. deZayas was a co-panelist on at least 10 of those events), discussing aspects of human rights and other matters pertaining to our situation in Hawaii as well as standing in solidarity with others like Alaska, West Papua, Trieste, Kashmir, Western Sahara, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and more.
We also visited the UN in New York four times this year to engage with special committees of the UN General Assembly, and with other agencies, individuals and non-governing organizations (NGOs). My New York home base is an office across the street from the UN Headquarters that is also home to a network of more than 500 NGOs. In New York we also have regular meetings with the ambassadors posted there from various countries — especially from the Pacific Islands — updating them on our plans and progress.
Building a consistent presence at the UN has been an arduous and costly undertaking, but it is beginning to produce results — like the deZayas memorandum — and the willingness of certain actors in the international community ready to assist us when the proper time comes.
Some other trips to attend international meetings were:
• South Korea for a conference on peacemaking and reunification between North and South Korea (with follow-up meetings in New York);
• London for a Kashmiri-sponsored symposium on developing international media relations for countries seeking independence;
• Taiwan for the inaugural Global Indigenous Economics Council conference on cultural and economic sustainability;
New York Global Inter-Faith Symposium on the role of religion and the work of religious organizations in international matters.
A lot is happening internationally. After 12 years of using friendly persuasion in various venues of the United Nations, with foreign ministers, diplomats and heads of states from numerous countries… and with exposure in the international press, people are beginning to understand our situation.  Our narrative of who we are, what really happened, what the current conditions are, and the goal to restore our kingdom, has begun to sink in. Basically, we have been able to convince people in the international community that: 1) the so-called “US State of Hawaii“ is a fraud; and 2) the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists and is on the rebound.
UN Resolutions
In 2018, two resolutions were drafted to be submitted to the UN General Assembly. We expect to persuade a significant majority of the UN member states to vote to pass these resolutions that will ultimately cause the UN to no longer recognize the U.S. claim to the Hawaiian Islands as legitimate.
An International Dispute
A number of other actions have been filed in international venues, including ones by Hawaiians to halt the flagrant violations of private property rights (original land titles) by foreigners in collusion with the courts of the fake State of Hawaii. These challenges are being pursued as matters of international dispute, not within the municipal jurisdiction of the United States. Raising our complaints to the level of international dispute will confirm the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign state and put a stop to the years of illegal land grabbing.
The deZayas Memorandum
The memorandum from UN official, Independent Expert Dr. Alfred M. deZayas, triggered much excitement and several actions are being taken, citing the memo about the misapplication of US/State of Hawaii laws in the Hawaiian Islands. The memo fully supports our position that the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists and the US is obligated under international law to vacate its claims of sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands. The deZayas memo has led to an increase in direct challenges mounted by Hawaiian nationals against the puppet governing system installed by the US. And another memo is on its way.
Security for Hawaiian Nationals
In the Hawaiian Kingdom, people have the right to travel and conduct business affairs in peace. But in the “State of Hawaii” people who identify themselves as Hawaiian nationals living in the Hawaiian Kingdom (as opposed to US Citizens living in the State of Hawaii) are being denied those most fundamental rights. Hawaiian nationals have been getting abused by a corrupt system bent on serving the interests of the fake state rather than the rights of the people… in particular, the rights of Hawaiian nationals. In 2018 plans were made to begin to alleviate this problem. It will be introduced in the first half of 2019.
Lā Ho ʻ iho ʻ i Ea 
175th Anniversary Celebration
The celebration of Lā Ho ʻiho ʻi Ea — Sovereignty Restoration Day — on Sunday, July 29 was the best yet!  Maika ʻi loa! With the biggest crowd in modern times, we celebrated the historical event of Great Britain ʻs return of control of the Hawaiian Islands to the proper ruler, King Kamehameha III.
King Kamehameha III Statue
On July 31, the actual 175th anniversary of Lā Ho ʻiho ʻi Ea — Sovereignty Restoration Day — the city unveiled and dedicated the newly commissioned statue of King Kamehameha III. There were great speeches showing we have come a long way. To have City and State officials recount the history and significance of Lā Ho ʻiho ʻi Ea and pay homage and respect to King Kamehameha III definitely raised public awareness of the true greatness of the Hawaiian Kingdom… This kind of change in perception and understanding will undoubtedly help in the advancement of the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom.
Lā Kū ʻ oko ʻ
This year, 2018 was the 175 th anniversary of an historic moment…
On Nov. 28, 1843 Great Britain and France jointly recognized the Sandwich Islands (the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands) as a sovereign state — an equal among the major powers of the world. This singular event established our position as a sovereign independent country and provides the foundation for our assertion that the Hawaiian Kingdom was never extinguished and continues (though greatly impaired and concealed) to exist as a sovereign, independent state.
For more Important Dates Observed in the Kingdom in 2018 see the attached pdf.
These are just a few 2018 highlights in the reactivation of our country as a pre-existing sovereign state. Mahalo nui loa to the many, many more of our courageous Aloha ‘Åina who have been standing for our country every single day! For all those on social media, in the courts, in jail, on the front lines, researching, studying, speaking to your friends, speaking to your neighbors, to strangers, to the oppressors… giving of your mana’o, time, talents and resources, your prayers, and most of all… your ALOHA… to all of you… MAHALO NUI LOA! 
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