Regarding: Hawai’i Tales, a project of Hawai’ian culture as reported by original inhabitants to a Swiss man. Seeking participants; please contact me at: TalesofHawaii@bluewin.CH
Many readers know me either through Facebook or privately.
My interest is to make Hawai’ian history and culture more intimate and accessible at Switzerland. For my 2017 vacation, I plan on starting this project beginning in mid-November until January 2018. I would like to record old and new stories from respected locals, such as yourself.
  • What is urgent to report from the Hawai’ian islands?
  • What might Switzerland know about Hawai’ian islands?
  • What might I tell people at Switzerland and Europe about Hawai’ian islands?
  • What might visitors consider learning about this country?

    Taro field with Diamond Head by Honolulu
  • What might one want to tell me about the country, people, politics, culture and history?
  • Hawai’ian language was once a song, now it is a written script. How did this change happen?
  • Please tell how this change made an impact?
  • How did the slack key music come to the Hawai’ian islands?
  • How has the music and hula changed from the premissionary time to the present time?
  • How does the Hawai’ian islands obtain its energy?
  • Are the Hawai’ian islands exploring new ecological future-oriented free energy?
  • What and how is the „junk-yard refuse“ generated? Is it collected and recycled?
  • So much plastic is released out in the Pacific Ocean from Hawaiian islands.
  • How does State Of Hawaii deal with this problem?
The sugar plantations have disappeared. Ruined agricultural lands with chemically contaminated fields and redirected water canals remain.
    • How is the country re-established?
    • Are the water sources that belong to the original Hawaiians going to be returned?
    • What do Hawaiian islands do to protect against large corporation industries?

      Water Writes Honolulu Mural ; Estria Foundation – © Picture by G.Koch
Hawaiian islands are still an independent state, although this is no longer seen by the rest of the world.
  • How do you imagine life to be as an independent state?
  • How would this differ from life under US jurisdiction?
  • Are there any upcoming changes to this situation?
  • How do you refer to nonlocals: tourists or visitors or ____?
  • How has Hawaiian islands changed with ____?
  • How do the Hawaiian islands with ____ differ from before to present day?
  • What Hawaiian myth, legend and/or folklore would you like to share?
  • Could you share a humorous Hawaiian story?
Would you like to discuss the challenges and aloha moments of Hawaiian islands with me? What is meaningful for you?
Feel free to speak, I will listen to you and document your conversation. It is ideal to record our talks at a historically significant location. In which cultural site would you like to have your conversation?
With these documented conversations, I would create a long-lasting and up-to-date complementary website and a book. The revenues are to be returned to the Hawaiian islands by a certain percentage. Furthermore, I intend initiate an exhibition at the Basel Museum of Art.
I hope you are interested in this project and to tell me your story. My wife Shana will schedule appointments and coordinate our travel itinerary upon arrival at Honolulu. We will also approach the different islands to meet you. So that I can set up my schedule and thus plan the flights and accommodations accordingly, I would be glad if you can specify your dates, contact information and historical site locations.
Mahalo nui.

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