Aloha Dying

A Hawaii Documentary



No jobs. Sky-high rents. Tent cities of the homeless. Cultural appropriation. Native people forced out of their own lands. Unfortunately, these descriptions apply to Hawai’i. The Central Pacific archipelago is a beautiful place, caught in the crossfire of international interests. Aloha Dying is a documentary that sheds light on the dark side of the Aloha “State.” It is available here for free. This decision is based off of a simple reason: Hawai’i’s plight must be known. Journalism is hard work, however, and this documentary took months to make.

If Aloha Dying resonates with you, please purchase it digitally via Amazon, or make a donation (to do either, go to
If you would like to know more about Hawai’i’s legal status as a state, you can go to “Very impressed. Good piece of journalism… [does] an especially good job of concisely explaining the legalities of the sovereignty/independence issue.” -David Shapiro, former managing editor of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser


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