New Subproject of ToH

© Foto and Drawing Gérard Koch, 2020

This is another subproject to the overall project of „Tales of Hawaii“. I would like to take a fresh look at the friendly, economic and social relationships of the Hawaiian king Kalakaua and their family with the new western immigrants and missionaries and their interests, needs to the point of greed for power, the change through contracts, changes in law and the influence of the royal family to annexation of the USA.
Perhaps I would like to be able to answer and prove my questions, such as:
– Was King Kalakaua influenced by the missionaries and their new immigrants?
– If yes, how and by what was it influenced?
– Has the West’s new friendships and close relationships with the King made law changes that negatively impacted Hawaii?
– How did the annexation come about?
– What are the reasons behind it?
– Who exactly was behind it?
– How was it organized?
– How long did the takeover planning take?
– How were the Hawaiians circumvented?

the W-Questions – ©Foto Gérard Koch 2020

I have many more questions about where I would like to have answered. It’s like a crime thriller looking for a breakdown of who the suspect was. Can it be solved at all? One piece at a time must be put together. The idea is also to ask known and unknown people to interview, as well as to look for evidence in the archives. It will be a long-term undertaking where I am not sure whether I can satisfy all my curiosity first and whether I can find the solution at all.
In order for all the information that I will collect to be neatly documented and I have quick access to search filters and can link to them, I first have to set up my own database.
To do this, I took the first step today with brainstorming, which everything has to flow into the database. As soon as I have worked this out, I will program the database. All the information that I have already collected in the meantime certainly results in over a thousand data records.
Yes, such a project should also be given a name, I owe it to this work. I let my mind wander to find a suitable name. Maybe you just have a perfect name for it or you might even want to help solve this puzzle. I would be very happy if I could get support and tips from you. Just write to me at:

Brainstorming 1 ©Foto Gérard Koch, 2020
Brainstorming 2 ©Foto Gérard Koch, 2020

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