Ke Aupuni Update – April 13, 2020

Kapu Aloha going “viral”

The corona virus situation has abruptly forced people to confront and reconsider their priorities… that it is just as important to value the well-being of others as much as you value yourself. In the past few weeks commercial messages in print, broadcasts and social media have changed from the usual obscene, “What’s in it for me?” to the virtuous, “We’re all in this together!”

Everywhere we turn, the message of caring for each other, for family and community is being spread faster than the virus. Suddenly the world is waking up to the notion that it’s not about the rat-race, it’s about the human race. It’s about taking care of one another. That if we want to survive pandemics and even worse, we have to make it a kakou (together) thing… to malama (care for) each other and everything around us… even the air we breathe.

This past year, we saw Kapu Aloha miraculously transform and defuse the volatility of TMT on Mauna Kea and how that spirit spread to numerous other tense situations such as Kahuku and Hunananiho. Now, we see the world spontaneously embracing this spirit — in essence, Kapu Aloha — to get through the corona virus crisis.

Just think, this amazing power of Kapu Aloha is what will carry us through the rebirthing and rebuilding of our nation. Eō!

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