Ke Aupuni Update – October 11, 2019

I’ve been on a two-month working trip that took me to New York for a week, Geneva, Switzerland for two weeks and back again to New York for the past three weeks. I just arrived in Southern California for the final leg of my journey. It’s been a very intense and productive trip with numerous meetings and amazing progress in our efforts to Free Hawaii… we are getting close…

Kū Kiaʻi NYC
It has been a joy to join with the NYC ʻohana at the every-Friday-evening Kū Kiaʻi Mauna hui pono at Washington Square in Manhattan. Aunty Pua Case, her daughter/photographer Kapulei Flores and filmmaker Jalena Keane-Lee were there this past Friday, fresh from Mauna Kea. Earlier that afternoon they had given a highly informative and inspiring presentation at New York University (NYU) attended by about 75 NYC ʻohana crammed into a conference room to hear Aunty Pua speak and enjoy a preview of the soon-to-be-released, Standing Above the Clouds, a film by Jalena.

A week prior, I had a talk-story session also at NYU with the New York ʻohana about what we’re pursuing at the international level and the opportunity for our New York ʻohana to become engaged in that work…

The UN and Decolonization
What are we doing at the UN regarding decolonization?
First of all, we are not seeking to use the UN’s decolonization process to “decolonize” Hawaii.

What we are doing is exposing the fact that in 1959 the United Nations’ decolonization system got scammed into accepting a report by the United States that the Hawaiian people had voted for Hawaii to become a state of the U.S. As a result, the UN deemed Hawaii “decolonized” into being an integral part of the United States.

Although we in Hawaii know the Hawaiian Kingdom is still a sovereign, independent country, and that the 1959 plebiscite was an utter fraud, the U.S. continues to maintain complete control of the Hawaiian Islands… confident that the UN and all its members officially regard Hawaii as part of the United States, not an independent country.

To correct that situation, we have been engaging various UN bodies and agencies, including the UN’s decolonization mechanisms: 1) to debunk the notion that the Hawaiian Islands are or had ever been a part of the United States; 2) to remove the UN’s support of the United States’ false claim to the Hawaiian Islands; and 3) to get the UN and the entire international community to acknowledge the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist as a sovereign, independent country.

The Decolonization Alliance
We are also actively engaged in decolonization to kokua the many non-self-governing nations who are still trapped in the grip of colonial rule (or occupation) and being denied their right of self-determination.

There are many such places… The most prominent ones in the news recently are: Hong Kong, Catalonia, Kashmir, West Papua, Okinawa, the Rohingya of Myanmar, the Uyghur of Xinjian (China), the Naga … We have been standing in solidarity with their efforts to gain independence through the UN decolonization process.

Six years ago in New York we formed an organization called The Decolonization Alliance, joining together the efforts of nations seeking independence with activist and advocacy groups to press the UN to step up its decolonization process. Through a series of Decolonization Dialogs and other special events (the most recent last Tuesday on French Polynesia) we have been able to cause significant forward movement for decolonization… Developing…

NOTE: The next few months is critical to triggering a break

through at the UN. Your kokua is needed to move us forward! Imua!

Kūʻe!  Kū Kiaʻi  Mauna!  Kapu Aloha!
Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono. The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.