Saving Ohia: Hawaii’s Sacred Tree

Saving Ohia is a 3x Emmy Award-winning film about Rapid Ohia Death, a disease, new to science, eating away at the heart of Hawai’i and its keystone species, Ohia. Hundreds of thousands of trees are dead, and while the disease continues to spread, scientists are racing to find answers, working with conservationists and residents to preserve the unique ecosystem and way of life in Hawai’i. A newly discovered fungal disease continues to rapidly affect thousands of native ohia trees throughout Hawaii, decimating forests and threatening the species’ very existence. Meet the team of scientists, conservationists, and local Hawaii residents fighting to conserve this indigenous tree and protect the fragile ecosystem it supports. Saving Ohia highlights the significance of ohia, and documents the growing crisis of Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) that is currently destroying thousands of acres of forests in Hawaii. The film provides an in-depth look into the cultural and ecological importance of the keystone species, ohia, and the potential impact of the evolving epidemic. Ohia trees cover nearly 1 million acres statewide, and are the backbone of Hawaii’s native forests and watersheds. As a vital piece of the island’s ecology, the ohia tree is the pioneer species, strong enough to take root and grow through volcanic rock. Since it’s initial discovery in 2010, the disease has advanced across the island, including treasured preserves like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The disease was most recently detected on Kaua’i in May 2018, marking it’s first spread across multiple islands. — 5 Steps You Can Take To Combat Rapid Ohia Death — Avoid Injuring Ohia: Wounds serve as entry points for the fungi and increase the odds that the tree will become infected. Don’t Transport Ohia Inter-Island: Quarantine rule’s to help prevent ROD are in effect from spreading. Don’t move ‘ōhi‘a plants, whole or parts, ohia wood, or soil from Hawaiʻi island Don’t Move Ohia: Reduce spread, refrain from moving ohia logs and branches around Hawaii Island. If you don’t know where the wood is from, don’t move it and keep it out of the green waste. Clean Your Gear & Tools: If you must work around or cut ohia, clean tools and gear before and after use. Brush all soil off of tools and gear, then spray with 70% rubbing alcohol. Shoes and clothes should also be cleaned before and after entering forests for hiking, trips, or camping.. Wash Your Vehicle: Wash the tires and undercarriage of your vehicle with detergent and remove all soil or mud, especially after traveling from an area with ROD or if you’ve traveled off-road.

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The Ohia: The Story of Hawaii’s Tree

Hawaii’s beloved Ohia tree grows on nearly a million acres of forest across the Hawaiian Islands. In 2010, Rapid Ohia Death, a fungus, began to affect the forests. Learn about the Ohia and find out what you can do to stop the spread of the disease.


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