Kamehameha-Dynastie – Kamehameha V

Kings name: Kamehameha V
Name: Lot Kapuāiwa
Full name: Lota Kapuāiwa Kalanimakua Aliʻiōlani Kalanikupuapaʻīkalaninui
Birth: December 11, 1830
Place: Honolulu, Oahu
Died: December 11, 1872
Place: Honolulu, Oahu
Cause of death:
Age: 42 Years
Father: Mataio Kekūanāoʻa
Mother: Elizabeth Kīnaʻu
Step-grandfather: High Chief Ulumāheihei Hoapili
Siblings 1: David Kamehameha
Siblings 2: Moses Kekūāiwa
Siblings 3: Alexander Liholiho
Siblings 4: Victoria Kamāmalu
Siblings 5: half-sister Ruth Keelikolani
Term of office: 1863–1873
Religion: Church of Hawaii
Signature: Kamehameha V's signature

Short Timline

  • 1852 to 1855 he served on the Privy Council
  • 1852 to 1862 in the House of Nobles
  • 1857 to 1863  he was Minister of the Interior
  • 1857 to 1858 chief justice of the supreme court
  • 1862, he was officially added to the line of succession in an amendment to the 1852  Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii
  • He came to power on November 30, 1863, after his brother’s death
  • May 1864 he called for a constitutional convention
  • July 7, 1864 he proposed a new constitution rather than amending the old one
  • August 20, 1864, he signed the 1864 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii
  • When he appointed Charles de Varigny, a French national, as minister of finance in  December 1863, Americans in Hawaiʻi were convinced that he had adopted an anti- American policy
  • In 1865 a bill was brought before the legislature permitting the sale of liquor to the Native Hawaiians. Kamehameha V surprised the supporters of bill, saying „I will never sign the death warrant of my people.“ Alcoholism was one of the many causes of the already declining population of the native Hawaiians.





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