Kamehameha-Dynastie – Kamehameha II.

Kings name: Kamehameha II.
Name: Liholiho
Full name: Kalaninui kua Liholiho i ke kapu ʻIolani
Birth: * c. 1797
Place: Hilo, Island of Hawai’i [*1]
Died: † 14. Juli 1824
Place: London
Cause of death: Measles
Age: 26 Years
Burial: May 11, 1825[1]
Mauna ʻAla Royal Mausoleum
Wife: Kamāmalu
Father: Kamehameha I
Mother: Keopuolani
Siblings 1:
Siblings 2:
Siblings 3:
Siblings 4:
Siblings 5:
Term of office: 1819 bis 1824

Short Timeline

  • May 1819
After Kamehameha’s I. death kept Queen Kaʻahumanu the leadership and gave later the announcment of Liholiho as the King Kamehameha II.
  • November 16, 1820
Kamehameha II. bought the Royal Yacht known as Cleopatra’s Barge for 8000 piculs of sandalwood (over a million pounds; c. $80’000.-)
The Barge had been sold for $15,400 by the Crowninshield family of Salem, Massachusetts
  • April 18, 1822
It required a major overhaul, after the repairs, he renamed his ship Haʻaheo o Hawaiʻi („Pride of Hawaii“)
  • May 10, 1823
It was wrecked less than a year later.
  • April 16, 1822
English missionary William Ellis arrived with the gift from the King of Great Britaina, the schooner Prince Regent of six guns to add to his growing collection of ships
  • November 1823
Kamehameha II and Queen Kamāmalu mounted the British whaling ship L’Aigle („the Eagle“) under Captain Valentine Starbuck to carry them to London
  • February 1824
Arrival at Rio de Janeiro
  • May 17, 1824
Arrival in Portsmouth  and the next day moved into the Caledonian Hotel in London
  • May 28, 1824
They toured through London
  • May 31, 1824
They attended opera and ballet at Royal Opera House in Covent Garden
  • June 4, 1824
Theatre Royal in Drury Lane
  • June 5, 1824
Visit to the Royal Military Asylum (now the Duke of York’s Royal Military School).
  • June 21, 1824
King Kamehameha II. and Queen  Kaʻahumanu became ill, the meeting with King Georg IV got canceled.
They contracted probably the disease, measles,  from the June 5
  • July 8, 1824
Queen  Kamāmalu died
  • July 14, 1824
Kamehameha II died six days later
  • July 17, 1824
Kamehameha II. was laid in state at the Caledonian Hotel
  • July 18, 1824
The bodies were stored in the crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields church where they awaited transportation back home.
Governor Boki took over lead of the delegation
  • September 1824
The bodies returned to Hawaii on the enormous Royal Navy frigate HMS Blonde under the command of Captain George Anson Byron
  • May 6, 1825
The Blonde arrived back in Honolulu
They were buried on the grounds of the ʻIolani Palace in a coral house, later they got moved to the Royal Mausoleum of Hawaii



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