He Kumulipo

Video Scription


ethnicities: Hawai’ian, Chinese, English
****30 sec: FIX/remove fish
Lahaina plantation town; place of royalty
great-great-grandfather from Molokai [ IMAGE from here genealogy book]
great-great-grandmother is Scotish, English, Hawai’ian
14 children, 8 survivors
1940’s reared in Honolulu
Boston University
PhD-Hawaiian Language Arts
HI is spiritual, special and unique from modern places
6:00 Captain Cook remark
6:15 He Kumulipo intro [ TITLE What is the Hawai’ian creation myth?]
He Kumulipo is not a narative; series of names with copyright because of quality and spirit like Greek is spiritual
stone, bird, sky–all have spirits and are recognized
environment and man are equal
9:00 forgiveness
Beckwith first printed King Kalakaua’s geneologist; dictated by Bastian who dictated King’s geneology [ TITLE What is the first source of He Kumulipo?]
****10:45 NO sound
Van Gulup?, Dutch

Part I: nature as beginning

12:25 coral is nature
14:00 kane, sexism
14:40 man
15:00 sensual significance; kauna is meaning [ TITLE What aspects make He Kumulipo unique?]
19th century chiefs; 2112 lines; La’i la’i is „A“ family; history and geographic names and places
17:05 „t“ and „k“ is another project working with Roland
orally is sounds and phonetics
based on Kelsey’s work; ke O’lolo line or „o“ family
20:30 few Hawai’ians study He Kumulipo
PhD in Hawai’ian chants
not orginal; each chanting is unique by age and gender
German anthropologist Boas is over Beckwith-40-50 years of life’s work
oral traditions are English and insist on present
folklore and folk life are Scandinavian and honor all perspectives and not present focused
24:20 Waianae is respected and honorable [ TITLE What is significant about Ka’ena Point?]
rich taro lands; 5 valleys (s’mo write about)
Mokule’i’a (mountain people)
****26:40 double SOUND; death story
Red Hill, Ewa Plains, passing through
27:00 Honolulu can deliver spirit to Red Hill.
dead as insects wait for birds to deliver to Kaena Point, on all western most part of each island
invariable is full rites because no development is beyond Point
30:33 spiritism in word meaning, ie aloha: based on presence and absence
Hawai’ian customs must be observed to keep hawai’ian spirit alive
32:30 La’i la’i is story of sky goddess with two brothers ( not many know this story): Kanaloa (brother 1; god-like of deep sea) [ TITLE Who is La’ila’i of He Kumulipo?]
Kane (brother 2; earth realm) married and peopled the planet as 1st progeny
dispute of chiefs settled with war (heaven vs earth) because married heaven and earth as 1st progeny


40:20 modern life don’t know past [ TITLE How has modern life shaped Leialoha’s life?]
PhD from UPenn/Roland from Harvard
39th year working on He Kumulipo
Theodore Kelsey, Leialoha’s guru
Beckwith, colleague
42:45 theories, strategies; 87 Leialoha, 86 Roland
left UH Manoa with not further reseach support
44:20 2 volumes of He Kumulipo
1st volume contains student help
45:00 book shown
46:00 6 audio tapes of kesley reading He Kumulipo
47:25 professions: publisher, poet, novelist (sexism, language, prejudice in academia; set at Oxford= Oxridge Woman–include IMAGE of Oxridge Woman attached)
48:00 Public school educated
attended only private Universities
Bachelor of Arts at Boston University, cum laude
Master of Arts at Mount Holyoke College, women’s college
Master of Arts & Library Sciences at Simmons, women’s professional for arts
Doctorate of Philosophy at University of Pennsylvania (Benjamin Franklin endowed and enabled travel to Europe)
50:15 downturn at Waianae [ TITLE What effect followed the missionaries and their descendants?]
train from missionaries
Kamehameha Schools have more land than missionaries
52:00 1820’s grandfather was born same year King Kamehameha the Great died
Keali’i (chief) Makekau O Nu’uanu Pali
hawai’ians had 1 name before missionaries arrived
after missionaries, 2 names given
1860 commercial minded and western minded
English = Christian
David = Kawika
hawai’ians were asked for their Christian name
53:45 He Kumulipo – myth son of Ku and La’i la’i [ TITLE What lessons can modern man learn from He Kumulipo?]
Royal retainers = commoners
both have spirituality or royalty; spirit comes from mother; both are equal
kauna: chief are proud and lead
commoners are followers
if chief cannot lead, then he may step down and permit commer to lead because man is 1st progeny and 1/2 royalty by mother
58:00 meaning of kauna: code of myth
sometimes chief may step down; general may replace chief
written 1990-1991
****59:10 double AUDIO
1:00:00 significance: take care of each other
humble to agree: commoners
accept role, not be arrogant: chiefs
to be humble because both man is La’i la’i’s child among chiefs
1:02:30 digital culture [ TITLE What is signifcant about names and places?]
1:03:00 Mauna Kea: TMT
bias newspaper; Honolulu ADVERTISER
1:04:34 1991 house of Kamehameha (woman) made peace with Oahu
Maui family side by marriage
1:06:40 Scottish grandfather from Edinburgh, Harry Swinton, was retainer who married into royalty
1:07:25 give important name first to be treated with respect
from Bamburgh castle at Scotland and England, Sir Lanceolot
1:09:30 names are names, please confirm, and found in Australia
1:10:45 sugar plantations
****1:11:00 blank video


1:11:45 language from Indo Pacific: Tongan, Melansian, Micronesia; India/sanskrit [TITLE Where did Hawai’ian language migrate from?]
Hawai’ian is opposite of european
hula is similar to Thai dance
1:14:30 language roots basic words
„t“ missionaries spoke bastardized hawai’ian language with „k“
war song is not warrior song
„t“ is used
1:16:45 2nd words similar to Tongan (lived 6 years as professor)
southeast asia
Australia via seaports
Papau Guinea
Tongan King was beneign
oldest places have pots
Tongan (dispersal place) to Samoa to Hawai’i (dispersal place) to Tahiti and New Zealand
1:21:35 basic words are same
1:21:55 „t“ should replace „k“
1:23:15 Honolulu was nothing, while Waianae was everything; Kamehameha III; Lahaina was the best seaport [ TITLE Do Hawai’ians have traceable artifacts?]
language songs; follow pottery
date linguistics
related to all Polynesians
oral traditions contain names
1:25:30 He Kumulipo is chant
1:26:45 accostomed to western music like Los Angeles, dance and song
part of cost
1:28:10 last story: cross rivers invoke spirit and ask [ TITLE What is important to know about Hawai’ian islands?]
thank river spirit for passage
for lizard and symbols, Hawai’ians are not tribes
Waimanalo village
taro planting
hawai’ian hospitality
entertain and stay awhile
shark story of him versus them: bless shark, don’t kill shark
chiefs identify with shark for power; sharks change man to no longer serve man
brackish water and sea water meet: man meets sharks; shrimps also in water
intentions are significant
Pele is secondary goddess
Mauna Loa has telescope
sister O’hia myth of goddess and gods
animals mostly live at Waianae
1:42:45 remove drugs from community [ TITLE What’s the biggest issue facing Wai’anae?]
hawai’ians are warm and affectionate
stop sending homeless, because need to take care of own hawai’ian homeless
****1:44:19 Is there a Hawai’ian creation folklore?

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