Hawaii Spot Crew Podcast Series

Hawaii Spot Crew Podcast Series‘ original source is by G-Jo. Discovered by Tales of Hawai’i and share with our community. Copyright is owned by the original source G-Jo, not Tales of Hawai’i. Step into the home of four siblings from Hawaii who love to tease, laugh, debate, and share embarrassing childhood memories. Topics range from popular culture, life in Hawaii, comedic skits on current events, and much much more. This is their journey and they invite all to laugh and cry with them as they navigate this thing called life with those that know them best and for some reason choose to love them anyway.

22 June 2017 (audio files missing): Meet the Spot Crew–In this their very first podcast, the Spot Crew invites all to meet its members and get a taste of episodes to come. They hope this episode filled with laughter and teasing brings a smile to faces as they continue their series with more complex topics in the coming weeks. Introduction to Spot Crew Podcast Series–Three minute overview of what to expect in the Spot Crew Podcast series.

1 July 2017 (audio file missing): Pet Peeves, Man Buns, and Shameless Plugs–Spot Crew comes together again to discuss what drives them nuts, whom mom loves best, and the importance of using the proper URL when tweeting to avoid accidentally sharing porn (NANI!). Ice cream gets thrown, action figures destroyed, and more family comes aboard to enjoy and share in the fun.

9 July 2017: Fourth of July, Walking Dead, and Other Random Rantings–Join the SPOT crew as they celebrate the Fourth of July with family, friends, and a little bit of alcohol.

15 July 2017: Time, Taxes, and Everything in Between–The SPOT crew meets amidst a busy work week to discuss the perils of time, taxes, debt and its solution of NFL stardom. Diets are broken, secrets are spilled, and the Tweetest pounds a pizza and a half in just 20 minutes! Pull up a chair and share in the conversation. We’d offer all pizza but it’s probably cold by now (insert emoji)

27 July 2017: Drunken Secrets (and the pets that share them)– The SPOT Crew goes off topic once again and spills the tea-(quila) on their drunken secrets, sharing their most embarrassing experiences to date. Listen as Pro and Security release spoilers on how to tell if one’s man is looking at another woman and hint at a potential new product. Don’t blame them for the content of this episode (or the wind sounds from our fan), blame the humidity! Thanks a lot Hurricane Fernanda! We’re schvitzing over here!

12 August 2017: Politics, Popsicles, and Peeing in Public– Overachiever loses electricity, cable, WiFi and her filter as she complains about anything and everything under the sun (Pro and Tweetest are there too, but they keep it together). Don’t miss this one… its not going to happen again… unless a dang tree falls on the electric/cable line again! No WiFi no promises!!

18 August 2017: Oooops We Did it Again!!–SPOT Crew becomes the POT crew yet again as Security gets called into work leaving them to fend for themselves. Not even the Pope is safe as the Crew discusses current changes and not so current news about the NFL (we now know what Ezekiel Elliot did…. Yikes). There’s even time to take down Angelina Jolie! Who knows what else this August heat will bring… then again who cares as long as its not politics! (insert emoji)

20 April 2018: SPOT CREW IS BACK!!– Did you miss them? Probably not but they’re back anyway!! Yay!! If anybody misses his/her siblings and want to hear some fight and play…. we are the perfect podcast for all! Sorry about the politics but what can one do, it’s the new normal here in the good old USA. Enjoy! We’ll be more organized later…. probably…. probably not (insert emoji)

ThisOceanLife tv: Nick Franco and Molokai 2 Oahu

https://TalesOfHawaii.net/ discovered this podcast and created a few videos of other podcasts‘ audio files; other podcasts will follow to share more stories from Hawai’ian Islands.

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Originally uploaded 12 July 2018 https://thisoceanlifetv.podbean.com/e/this-ocean-life-episode-1-nick-franco-and-molokai-2-oahu/
Find pictures and video of Nick on following links:

This Ocean Life features ocean based videos, clips, etc. from the lives of watermen and waterwomen. Mix of past and present videos.

Episode 1: In both 2016 and 2017 Nick Franco won his division in the Molokai 2 Oahu world paddleboarding championships on prone boards that he made himself. In this inaugural podcast episode, Nick Franco shares his stories about becoming a world class athlete in the cold waters of Northern California (where very few paddle seriously), his drive to build the next generation of paddleboards with his Shearwater Paddleboards company, and general passion for surfing, diving, and family. Thanks for sharing Nick’s ocean life with us — we hope you go out and live your ocean life to its fullest.

This episode is sponsored by http://www.ShearwaterPaddleboards.com/ a family-owned company that hand-crafts prone paddleboards and surfboards. If you want to be fast and comfortable in the water, check them out at http://www.ShearWaterPaddleboards.com