USS Boston renamed USS Despatch (scuttle definition)

Boston renamed Despatch (9 August 1940) and reclassified as IX-2 (17 February 1941). Despatch sunk off Yerba Buena Island (8 April 1946). For appropriate context, replace ‚American‘ with U.S. while reviewing article from: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.

USS Despatch, formerly Boston, shortly before scuttling (significant definition) in 1946 at Yerba Buena Island. Same ship associate with Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii

Emailed via online contact site for San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Inquiring about photographs and/or large file images of the USS Boston, the history and list of officers and seamen. Where is USS Boston located today when sank in 1946 off San Francisco? Is there a map to identify its location? Any assistance is much appreciated.

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