Ke Aupuni Update

Keeping in touch and updated on activities regarding the restoration of Ke Aupuni o Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono.
Leon Siu – Hawaiian National
Quick Update on the  foreclosure case against  Routh Bolomet 
On Tuesday, October 23, outside the building of the State of Hawaii 1st Circuit Court in Honolulu, Routh announced that Judge Castagnetti in essence, put the foreclosure actions against her (Routh) on hold. While not a conclusive victory, this is still a victory and an encouraging sign. It means the court is in a quandary and is stalling to figure out what to do. This could have huge implications for numerous pending cases of Hawaiian patriots standing their ground.
The court’s delay gives Routh (and us) more time to develop and strengthen our position here at home and to confidently move forward on the international front as well… On Wednesday, the day after the court date, a town hall meeting was held in Waiʻanae. It was a very lively, informative and invigorating discussion and the mood was: it’s time to move forward as one lahui…  Eō!
The Quick Facts Series…
Will the U.S. Agree to Free Hawaii?

The U.S. won’t want to relinquish control, but it would very difficult for the U.S. to say “no” to a peaceful settlement of such an obvious and long-standing offense.  

So… will the U.S. agree to free Hawaii?

•    Yes! It will if Hawaiians and our friends in the international community can persuade the U.S. that it has a legal and a moral obligation to restore the Hawaiian Islands to its original independent status. 

•    Yes! It will if  the U.S. realizes it is in its best interest and the best interest of all concerned, for the U.S, to withdraw from Hawaii in a peaceful, orderly, expeditious and friendly way, and to normalize foreign relations with the Hawaiian Kingdom according to its treaty obligations. 

•    Yes! It will if other countries help pave the way by entering into diplomatic and trade relations with the Hawaiian Kingdom. 

•    Yes! It will if international organizations like the United Nations become involved as facilitators and participants to this special peace-making process — an opportunity to promote justice, compassion and healing for such a long-standing offense. 

Next Quick Fact coming soon…
Malama pono,
Leon Siu

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