Tales of Hawaii

This project started in November 2017 until the end of January 2018 at Hawaiian Islands. I was accompanied by this project by my Hawaiian wife Shayna. A big thank you to Shayna.Without her support, patience, organizational talent, abandonment of her wishes and curiosity, this project would not be there as it is presented here.

Thank you, Shayna, for your great support and recognition.

© Gérard Koch

From previous trips by Hawaiian Islands, I realized that the islands have a lot to tell about their original culture and their old stories. The Hawaiian past has undergone a massive change by the Western world in a very short time of about 150 years, where otherwise it would have taken more than thousand years on this globe. What would Hawaiian Islands look like today, without the intervention and influence of the West? Are Hawaiian Islands really the 50th state of the USA? This is the question! How did Hawaiian Islands get to their unforgettable music and dance? How is Europe laced with the South Seas? Does Europe have anything to do with the distant islands? What knowledge do we have and what information is false knowledge provided throughout Europe?

This realization motivated me to start a project in order to introduce and inform other more about the enchanting South Sea Islands. Additionally, to give the Hawaiians a platform where they can express their opinion and history.

With the following documents, it not only changed my life and even for some Hawaiians.