In late 2015 and mid 2016 the State of Hawai‘i Department of Education engaged in development of a film series to help inform students across the state about the history of Lāna‘i. In April 2017, the three part series, titles “Historic Sites of Hawai‘i — The History of Lāna‘i (Part 1); The History of Lāna‘i (Part 2)” and “Lāna‘i: Creating a Sustainable Island Community” was released. The film brings a depth of history not previously available in our classrooms to our island population, and shares a rich collection of traditions, history and modern experiences in the community, illustrated with interviews, maps, old photos and modern imagery. The Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center partnered with the DOE, producers and Pūlama Lāna‘i in development of this new series.

Funded by
Hawai‘i Educational Networking Consortium

Narrator – Puakea Nogelmeirer

Joy Chong Stannard
Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Joy Chong Stannard

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Sara Miyazono
Barry Nakasone

Narration recording
Edgar Ambrosio

Chants and Music Performed by
Mikala Enfield
Kepā Maly
Onaona Maly
Lāna‘i Elementary School Students

Executive Producer
Barry Nakasone

A production of Video Production &
Distribution OCISS
The Hawai‘i State Department of Education
Copyright, 2017

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