„Mai Ka Piko Mai a Ho’i: Return to Kanaloa“

Published on Mar 8, 2012

The 1970’s saw the beginnings of what would become the Native Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance. Leading the movement were two simultaneous efforts, the stopping of the bombing of Kaho`olawe and the revival of ancient Hawaiian seafaring aboard a sailing canoe named Hokule`a.

In 2004, fourteen years after Hawaiian activists successfully stopped the military from bombing Kaho`olawe, the original activists or „Early Warriors“ return to the island to tell their stories. It is the first gathering of its kind in 30-years. Personal accounts of the activists are deeply moving and vividly portray the dangers that they faced during their courageous protests.

Joining the Early Warriors of Kaho`olawe are the „Early Voyagers“ of Hokule`a, modern Hawaiian seafarers who lead the way in re-establishing ancient Hawaiian open ocean navigation. They come to Kaho`olawe with three voyaging canoes. With them is legendary Master Navigator, Mau Pialug.

While on island, the Early Voyagers retell the story of Hokule`a and explore the deep connection and similarity to the story of the Early Warriors. Through this process the two groups reconnect and ultimately revisit and address a painful divide that occurred in the formative years of the Native Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance.

The coming together and healing of these two groups is symbolized through the joint dedication of a voyaging platform at Kealaikahiki, thereby recognizing and rededicating Kaho`olawe as a sacred navigational center.

The historic homecoming, the stories, and the events in this documentary capture a significant chapter in the rebirth of Kaho`olawe and the restoration of Hawaiian culture.

A special Thank you to Coconet.tv ! They show great culture movies.

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