Legends from the Pacific


What a coincidence, when I received a „Thank you“-mail for my website from Kamuela, for having a wonderful podcast on Pacific mythology and legends.There are fast-pacing short stories from the Asian regions, from Australia, from the entire Pacific with all its islands and South America.Really very interesting to hear them.

A big thank you, mahalo nui to Kamuela Kaneshiro for allowing me to share his podcasts on my page to a wider audience.

Kamuela subscribes his Podcast as follows:

Legends from the Pacific is a podcast dedicated to the respectful understanding of the cultures and nations of the Pacific Ocean. Join Kamuela Kaneshiro as he shares his heritage’s tales of people, legends, traditions, and Gods. These are the stories that influenced films, Marvel and DC comic books, Disney movies, Netflix series, TV shows, and books. Episodes include a featured song, and Hawaiian word.

Who is Kamuela?

Kamuela Kaneshiro – Kamu for short – attended magic school at nine, and is a magician member of The Magic Castle. He’s a twenty-year veteran of the film and TV industry, and was a professional Comic-Con panelist who wrote an MA thesis on Batman. Kamu started podcasting in 2004 with “Off the Air’s:Geek Nation”. Kamuela’s heritage (part Asian and Native Hawaiian) and history (raised in Honolulu) make him the ideal host for his podcast, Legends from the Pacific, which combines his passion for mythology, writing, and production. Kamu received his BA & MA in Communications from Hawaii Pacific University and studied at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He’s also a professional speaker. Visit: Kamu’s website – www.KamuelaKaneshiro.com Legends from the Pacific – www.LegendsFromThePacific.com


Episode 1: Pele – Hawaii’s Goddess of Fire

Our first episode explores Pele’s origins, and takes us from Tahiti, to the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano, Oahu’s North Shore sugar cane fields, the infamous Pali Highway, and into the pages of DC Comics where Pele fought Wonder Woman.

Mar 18, 2020


More Information:

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