Huggo’s by kona

Today is Tuesday the 5th of December 2017 at 16.00 and we are in Kona, Big Island. Shana and especially me, have been impatiently waiting with huge joy for this day we visit steadily on our home vacation in Hawai’i my favorite bar „Huggo’s“. Now the time has come!

LT Smooth at Huggo’s – ©Gérard Koch

On foot we stroll the souvenir shops and restaurants to the other end of the old city of Kona with a constant view of the sea.
What could be nicer than a bar under the palm trees. The floor is pure, fine white-yellow sand raised by a black lava stone wall, tangible the ocean rhythmically with its waves violently knocking on it and we can watch the sunset with excellent music with a drink in hand. In this bar we know that we will always find our Hawaiian friends. So it was again this time, where we found LT Smooth with his musicians.


Who is LT Smooth ?

LT Smooth is a warm-hearted, open-minded, generous, affectionate and enduring guy, who also comes straight to you with honest words.
I am grateful to have him as a friend.
LT Smooth was born in Aotearoa, New Zealand and grew up there with a hard life.
The abbreviation of LT means his spelled out name Leon Toomata.
As an „At-Risk-Youth-Lawyer“ he worked in New Zealand and by the way with endurance and great talent LT Smooth taught himself how to play the guitar. With his hard will to make a difference and to bring a change in his life and other people, he learned to play twelve instruments. He is not only a multi-instrumental and multi-genre musician, but also an excellent songwriter.

welcome in – ©Gérard Koch

As the founder of „HEART OF MUSIC ACADEMY,“ he works for Kailua-Kona in Hawai’i, and LT Smooth’s earlier life, which is described in his own words as Voices Of Change, confirms the musicality of this virtuoso with repeated engagements to international audiences like the World Economic Forum Switzerland, invited to play in the White House or in youth schools or juvenile prisons, LT Smooth also participated in the Guitar Series at Music in Manoa im Orvis Auditorium der University Of Hawai’i.
LT Smooth is struggling hard on his property with his own hands to fulfill his idea and desire of having his own music school of the „HEART OF MUSIC ACADEMY“.

LT’s hard work for his music school – ©Gérard Koch

He says, „Music is my tool that I use to help, encourage, heal, and improve what we go through in life.“ HEART OF MUSIC ACADEMY is a love work that LT Smooth has been dedicated to delivering since latency in 2014. The greatest gift that man can give to others is his empathy and his „story of FREEDOM ON MY JOURNEY“ to bring about a change in life. „The creation of a music school designed specifically for adolescents at risk is intended for the liberation and life-savers of LT Smooth, with all private and personal affairs forming a circle and providing healings to the needy.
To support LT Smooth’s serious efforts to influence the prospects of vulnerable adolescents, his up-and-coming events can be found online at

The place of the new music school. – ©Gérard Koch


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